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June 27, 2015

Puppy nutrition – eat to live!

Puppy nutrition

Puppy nutrition – eat to live!

Modern dietary science has shown that feeding of dogs with a fixed, regular schedule is a good habit to follow. This is sound advice in theory, but really works only if our dog is an adult, in good health and doing regular physical exercise.


Puppy nutrition follows it’s own set of rules. Puppies actually need a completely different feeding regime; they need a large amount of food because they must reach complete mental and physical development within 12 months of birth.


In nature, puppies are fed continuously by their parents without following any kind of schedule. This is because nature has its own rules and the puppy may be subject to starvation and an excess of food all within the same season.


Puppies deprived of a balanced nutritional intake may have problems in adulthood because for example a lack of nutrition while young can affect the development of the bones, especially in large breeds. These problems occur because nutrients, vitamins and minerals must be rapidly metabolised by the growing animal, and if they are not integrated effectively into the diet can cause deficiencies which are sometimes irreversible.


Another potential problem with poor feeding of puppies is psychological. The puppy that does not eat enough may grow up to become a dog that remains obsessed by food in general, and this could induce him to eat anything, both at home or in the street. These habits are not only destructive, but also potentially dangerous for the health and wellbeing of the dog and owner too.


Incredibly, one of the sources of the problems are in fact the veterinary surgeon or dog breeder themselves that try to adapt the behavior of the puppy to the modern human lifestyle.  This is not correct for the simple fact that the dog remains part of another species and should be treated as such, even in the modern pet setting.

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I am an Italian vet with over 30 years experience in dog grooming and dog care. I have run several successful dog grooming salons in Italy. I moved to the UK in 2013 with my husband Martin and set up Natural Look Dogs in Winchmore Hill, London.

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