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Dog Training

Dog training with Natural Look Dogs

Paws for thought…

All dogs need some form of training.

By this, we mean they have to learn how to behave in the family.

An untrained dog for example will pee on the floor, may destroy your furniture and bark day and night.

Training starts with the puppy, as soon as the dog has been vaccinated and can leave the home.

If the puppy is not trained at the right time, he will lose the optimum moment to learn how to behave and it will be extremely difficult to teach him anything in the future.

Training includes socialisation with other dogs in order to learn for example how to share toys, play and not be obsessed with food

Dog training is performed together with the dog owner, and is an excellent occasion to for the development of the right equilibriun between owner and dog. However, a good dog trainer will teach your puppy the fundamentals of family life even in your absence.

Cristina, our expert in dog care, will add a dog training session to your pets’ routine when you leave the dog in day care.

For puppies her sessions include:

  • Correct use of the puppy training pads.
  • Socialisation with dogs of diverse age and breed.
  • Correct behaviour on the leash.
  • Safety on the streets.

For adult dogs, her sessions include:

  • Advanced socialisation techniques.
  • Corrective behaviour if necessary.
  • Correct behaviour on the leash together with other dogs.

To ensure your dog will have a space with us, you are advised to book online. Please note that dog training cannot be achieved in a single session. Therefore we recommend that you use our three times weekly dog day care service. With a 25% discount respect to daily sessions, you will be amazed by the difference it makes.