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Dog Care Services

Taking on a dog as a pet can be a rewarding life changing experience. In order to get the best from your dog though, it is important that you remember that a dog is far less independent than other animals.

A dog is like a child. A child that never grows up. Therefore, you cannot treat your dog as another domestic animal.

Firstly, you must remember that your dog needs regular bathing and grooming. This is to keep his coat healthy, clean and free from parasites. Ignoring this simple rule will lead to your dog becoming smelly and unhealthy and you, your friends and your house will notice the difference.

Your dog also needs to socialise within the family and meet other creatures. He needs regular walks, he needs to play with his friends and generally to do what dogs do best – live in a pack. Leaving your dog home alone does not help him become a happy and balanced animal.

Furthermore, your dog needs some training. For example, he needs to return to you when you call him. He should obey your commands, and not behave badly.

Following these three simple rules will mean the difference between a beautiful experience with your dog, and a poor relationship.

At Natural Look Dogs, our philosophy is to provide highly professional dog care services at an affordable price, taking into account all these three needs.

Dog care services:

We offer a walk-in service for dog care so you don’t need to make an appointment in advance. However, to ensure your dog will have a space with us, you are advised to book online.