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July 6, 2015

Dog care in the summer

Summer dog care


During the summer months, your dog care routine remains as vital as during the cold months. This is because dogs regulate their internal temperature differently to humans, and so we need to maintain vigilance to stop them from suffering.


Thermoregulation is the ability of a body to maintain a constant temperature. Puppies cannot regulate their internal temperature until the 3rd week of life, it is therefore necessary that they are kept warm. Once this critical stage is passed , puppies gain thermoregulatory capacity and their body temperature will remain constant (between 39 ° and 39.5°C).


Temperature control takes place in the anterior portion of the hypothalamus, it is subject to compulsory stimulation by the thyroid hormones, which means the production of heat at rest and at normal external temperature.


Dogs have a more efficient response to cold than to heat. In cold conditions, dogs first increase the thickness of the coat, allowing heat to remain in contact with the skin. By contracting the microvessels of peripheral tissues (ears, legs), the dog avoids the dispersion of heat . For this reason it is always recommended to dry your dog after a walk in the rain, especially the legs, feet and back.


In hot weather, dogs risk heatstroke because their cooling systems are not very efficient. The body of a dog has difficulty in expelling heat and excess moisture. This first of all is because it has insufficient numbers of sweat glands, and these are only present in the footpads. You have to remember that an internal temperature above 43°C exposes the dog to high risk of heat stroke and can have serious consequences. Puppies, older dogs and brachycephalic breeds (Boxer , Pekingese, bull -dog , etc.) are at greater risk and suffer more from heat, expressing discomfort with a particular style of breathing termed panting .


In fact panting (very fast and noisy breathing) should put you immediately in alarm. If your dog starts to pant, you must lower the internal temperature of the dog immediately with cold packs on the head, under the feet , under the posterior abdomen. A cold bath will help the dog immediately.


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